7-Day Kidney Disease Meal Plan and Recipes

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7-Day Kidney Disease Meal Plan and Recipes




Who is the e-book for?

The e-book is intended mainly for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), as well as for people around them (family, caregiver).

What’s in the e-book?

Open a world of flavor while on a renal diet.
Your new kidney-friendly diet is made easy with meal plans and flavorful recipes.
The key to proper nutrition for kidney disease is to keep your meals low in salt, potassium, phosphorus, and protein.

On the following pages you will find a detailed menu for a period of 7 days.

  • The e-book contains a collection of recipes with reduced levels of Protein, Sodium, Phosphorus and Potassium

    •The menu includes (35 different recipes for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. ((5 meals x 7 days)

    •The menu covers all the body’s needs for nutrients.

    •To help the reader better understand, the nutritional information for each recipe is provided for 1 serving of each dish. This will help to control the daily recommended intake of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein depending on the stage of kidney damage

  • The e-book is in PDF format, so you can use it on your phone, computer or you can print the entire file to paper and use it as a regular book.



You need to have a kidney-friendly meal plan when you have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Watching what you eat, and drink will help you stay healthier. The information in this section is for people who have kidney disease but are not on dialysis.

This information should be used as a basic guide